Butter Filling Machine

Whether you are looking to pack large 25kg blocks of butter, standard 250 gram blocks or small single serve portions with a form, fill and sealing machine, Thermaflo are able to source you a quality butter filling system that will do just that. We are able to have a look at your intended final product and come up with a solution that will be economic and fit in with your current production goals.

Butter Filler Machine


We start by having a look at your down stream process, how much butter you are currently producing and how much butter you wish to produce in the future and from this point specify a filler that matches your requirements. Once the correct filler has been specified we then work with our client to ensure seamless integration. We are able to work around your current production to ensure that your production is down for the smallest time frame possible.

For more information about how Thermaflo can assist you with sourcing a new butter filler go to our contact page and leave a message or give us a call.