Brick Forming and Wrapping Machine

The 800 Series (formerly PMG) has been designed for forming and wrapping of a great number of different food products. Different infeed systems allow for filling a wide range of products including edible fats (butter, butter with vegetable oils, margarine), fresh cheese (tvorog), minced meat, lard, yeast and similar products.

The 800 Series integrated servo and control solutions guarantee quality and stability of the packaging process through correct shaping and wrapping of bricks as well as low cost of operation and maintenance. Additionally there is a possibility of integration of both existing and new machines with Wrap Around systems and palletizing systems, thus increasing the value of Trepko’s offer by its complexity.


  • product safety: machine made either from stainless steel or food approved plastic, available with different hygienic options
  • flexibility: variety of packaged products with the possibility to change the shape and dimension of the bricks, wide range of packaging materials
  • high packaging quality: modern control and drive systems, product and packaging material savings, quick and easy changeover for different size or shape of the bricks
  • accuracy: perfectly formed and wrapped bricks
  • ergonomic: easy operation and maintenance, compact construction ideal for limited production hall
  • integration with end of line solutions

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