Mini Portion Machine

Trepko’s 9000 series offers a Forming, Filling and Sealing Solution for 10g / 15g / 25g portion margarine, butter, jam, pastes and other such spreadable condiments.

There are two machine options available within this Series. A three lane and a six lane which due to the rigid and proven mechanical design, are capable of up to 33 cycles per minute, with an output range of 5,000-12,000 packs per hour.

The machines are equipped with a HMI touch screen interface from which all functions and settings of the machine can be managed. Using highly developed control software this control system offers a first-class user friendly system, and allows all settings to be adjusted from the panel including control of speed, strokes/min, production, CIP on-off, sealing time and temperature and on-off of different stations.

As with the entire range of Trepko machines, the 9000 series is CE-marked and is built in accordance with all applicable European safety standards.


  • Wide range of packaging product, available of different shapes and size of packaging
  • Precision in forming and filling the packaging
  • High efficiency
  • Reliability: stainless steel frame , modern drive solutions, compact design suited to production space
  • HMI touch screen panel

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