Carousel Filling Machine

Trepko 500 Series Carousel Tub Filler

The TREPKO 500 Series is designed around a carousel principle for handling pre-formed containers and provides a medium to high speed production output.

The flexible nature of the 500 Series allows for a variable machine length to suit the specified product. This allows a choice of several multi-fill applications with additional depositors for liquid, semi-liquid, dry products or simple hand placement areas. The 500 Series is ideal not only for filling but also for creating sophisticated multi-layer products, especially desserts.


  • flexibility: several multi-fill applications with additional depositors for liquid, semi-liquid, dry products or simple hand placement areas, available for a variety of cups and containers
  • 500individuality: automation of the packaging process, safe and easy operation, modern drives, mechanical and modern servo technology drives ensures a smooth and reliable operation, low maintenance costs and long life-time
  • length of the machine to suit the specified product, quick and easy changeover between different packaging sizes
  • reliability: modern material and high quality construction contributes to easy and cheap maintenance and guarantees the machine’s long life

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