Lab Scale Retort

This lab scale retort has been designed to replicate industrial scale units on a laboratory/pilot scale. Initial formulation, product development and screening are easily carried out.

  • Retort ChamberNo steam supplied required
  • Designed for small batch samples
  • Meaningful and repeatable results
  • Designed for simple operation with easy to use operator interface
  • Mobile and easy to set up
  • Full process temperature recording
  • Sample temperature propbe
  • Automatic F0 calculation
  • Built in chart recorder
  • Temperature to 135 deg C
  • Constant differential pressure
  • Various operating settings
  • Designed for JIS, ASME & BS
  • Conforms to latest safety standards and carries the CE mark
  • Chamber dimensions (cm) 45 x 65 deep
  • Weight 400kg
  • Size (cm) 180 x 110 x 102 (H x W x D)
  • Max operating pressure = 0.343 Mpa



The machine is completely mobile, can be moved from one location to another very easily and can be positioned in a wet or dry area.

Service connections

Unit requires 3 phase power, water and air.

Power Requirements

200/220/380/415v 3 phase
12 or 16 kW

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