Plant Hygiene & CIP

Plant Hygiene & CIP

As food manufacturers, our clients demand the highest of standards when it comes to plant hygiene & CIP.  At Thermaflo we understand that this is critical and so all of our plants are designed to be able to be washed correctly.  We take a holistic approach to plant hygienic design, this includes making sure there are no dead legs in the pipework, that road tankers / storage / buffer tanks and vats are designed correctly to ensure that they can be washed and that hot surfaces are washed correctly.

CIP Systems

Our CIP systems are designed from entry level where a high degree of operator input is required, right through to complete fully automated CIP kitchens with multiple circuits to wash several areas of the plant at once.

For any CIP applications, Thermaflo has the expertise to design a system that delivers your plant cleaning requirements, we have several options to suit your budget without compromising your plants hygiene. We can also stage your CIP project to assist with reducing the initial capital cost.

To make an inquiry with Thermaflo regarding the CIP systems they are able to provide go to our contact us page to leave a message or give us a call.