RUS 3/4

Semi-automatic ice cream filling machine

The RU3S filler is a flexible, semi-automatic filling machine ideal for the small to medium sized ice cream manufacturers. With a maximum capacity of 10 deposits per minute, and a maximum fill volume of 5 litres, the RU3S offers the potential for high output while maintaining accurate weight control and aesthetically pleasing fill designs.

Easy to operate and simple to clean and maintain, the RU3S boasts high-performance components, electromechanical controls and operates by way of pneumatics and servo-drive technology to increase overall versatility and reliability. Constructed from stainless steel and capable of filling many types of containers, each machine can be individually customised to incorporate diverse filling options including ripple, inclusions and fluted effects. Touch screen controls and servo-drive filling combine to create a sophisticated filling solution on a reasonable budget.


Maximum capacity 10 deposits per min
Maximum fill volume 5 ltr
Minimum fill volume 1000 ml
Maximum cup size 36cm x 22cm x 16cm
Air consumption 350 ltr/min
Electrical consumption (servo-drive only) 0.1 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120cm x 60cm x 190cm
Weight 150 Kg

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