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CanBlock 6/6/1-LE


Suitable to Fill Cans: Standard (330ml & 500ml), slim (250ml) aluminium cans.

Filling rates: Up to 1,800 cans per hour

Filling Temperatures: 0 – 4 Deg C

Filling Methods:  Electro-pneumatic counterpressure

Closing Types: Can seamer

Suitable for Filling: Carbonated and still beverages



The Framax 6/6/1-LE CanBlock is the ideal entry-level automatic canning machine for craft brewers and small-medium beverage manufacturers

The CanBlock is a fully automatic electronic canning machine including a 6-position rinser, 6-valve electro-pneumatic counterpressure filler and a single-head seamer with an automatic lid dispensing system.



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Features & Benefits

Completely programmable from the HMI Interface and recipies can be saved for later use, Electropneumatic counterpressure filler and a single-head seamer with automatic lid dispensing system, Fully automatic filler, Multiple CO2 flushing system to minimizeoxygen pickup


Collection table, Hot foil printer for labels, Labeller at inlet, Shower at the outlet