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Ageing Tanks


Size: Any –  size and volume specifically designed to suit the project’s requirements

Materials: All fabricated in the correct Stainless Steel grade to suit that specific tanks application




Once your ice cream mix has been heat treated and cooled, it is then stored in an aging tank where it is kept at 4 deg C or less, giving the milk fat time to partially crystallize, and the protein stabilizers time to hydrate. Thermaflo will design and integrate ageing tanks specifically for your requirements.

As an example, single-skinned tanks if you have space in your 4 deg cool room, or insulated and jacketed tanks so we can circulate glycol to keep your premium ice cream mix in the best possible condition.

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Features & Benefits

Built in AISI 304/316 stainless steel


Designed to HSNO / pressure and/or Seismic Standards as required, Semi automated or fully automated product infeed and forwarding