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Products All Dairy products, Juice, Edible Oils, Honey, Soups, Condiments, Plant-based dairy alternatives
Flow Rates  50L Per Hour – 50,000L Per Hour
1st Stage Pressure 0 – 2000 Bar
2nd Stage Pressure  0 – 150 bar
Aseptic Version Available as an option


Homogenisation is the process where the particle size in the product (measured in µm) is broken down and dispersed throughout

The most common application for homogenisation in dairy is to disperse the cream in milk or ice cream mix into a homogenous emulsion, preventing future cream separation and keeping the product in a consistent state over time.

Homogenisation occurs via mechanical means, the product is subjected to high pressure/velocity as it is forced through a small orifice causing turbulence and cavitation thus high shear breaking the particles down and dispersing them throughout.

Homogenisers are also used for various different pharmaceutical or laboratory applications. With a fully integrated design and process team at Thermaflo, we are able to specify the correct homogeniser and high-pressure pump units specifically for your application.


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Features & Benefits

Initial set of spare parts supplied with the machine, Pumping Pistons coated with a special “Diamond Like Carbon” plating (as a standard), The Compression head is manufactured from a single block of high quality stainless steel and comes with a 5 year guarantee against cracking and defects, The pump body is made using a thick walled premium grade high-resistance cast iron engineered to withstand heavy loads and cancel out vibration


Aseptic Version with “sterility barriers” traced with steam condensate created by a built-in system, Automatic homogenization pressure controller, Pressure gauge with alarm contacts for the automatic cut-off of the homogenizing pressure complete with timing device to manage the start/stop of the homogenizing valves, Pulsation dampeners on product inlet and/or outlet connections