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Water Processing

We offer full end-to-end design, supply, installation, integration and commissioning for a range of water processing and treatment solutions including


  • Drinking Water Purification & Bottling
  • Processing Water Treatment and or Purification
  • Recovered Water Polishing
  • Services Water Treatment and Deionising


Products Bottled Water Process Water Purification Water Recovery Systems Services Water Treatment
Flow Rates 500lt – 10,000lt / hr 10,000lt – 250,000lt / hr 10,000lt – 250,000lt / hr 5,000lt – 50,000lt / hr


Purification and Treatment can be achieved by using either / combination of:

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration
  • Ion Exchange Resin Softeners
  • Ozone generation and mixing systems
  • UV light systems


Water Processing RO System

Drinking Water Purification & Bottling

We offer a range of bottle filling solutions for beverage suppliers including bottled water.

Purified water is water that comes from any source either municipal, bore or river supply, but has been purified to remove any chemicals or contaminants.

Types of purification include distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration. The technology offered is dependent on the water source and intended use.


Process Water Purification

If you need to improve the quality of water used within your process (i.e. removing minerals, chemicals or other contaminants), ask us about water purification options.

Types of purification solutions we can provide include; distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration.  The technology offered is dependent on the water source and intended use.



Recovered Water & Polishing

Rinse water and condensate can be diverted to sanitary storage for the purpose of purification and treatment in order to re-use back into a processing environment.

Recovered water systems reduce overall plant water intake and reduce wastewater volumes.


Services Water Treatment & Deionising

Water required for services plant such as hot water systems, steam boilers and cooling towers must be low in minerals to avoid plant inefficiencies.  Thermaflo can supply treatment systems to soften or remove minerals to enable efficient operation.


Our process team are here to help!

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