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Two Head Manual Filler


Filling volumes: from 250ml to 5L

Fill Rate: 8 bottles per minute (Approx.)

Minimum bottleneck opening size: 16mm

Dimensions: 0.5m width x 0.6m depth x 0.9 high




Our entry-level two head manual filler. All components are food grade and with a stainless steel hopper tank and frame, to ensure it’s easy to clean. No air or power is required to operate this filler. The height of the tank is adjustable, so different bottle sizes can be accommodated. 

Suitable for filling non-foaming, non-viscous products such as:

  • Plant-based milks
  • Fruit / vegetable juices or tonics
  • Distilled spirits / liquors /
  • Water and other non-carbonated beverages

NB: Hand capping required.

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Features & Benefits

Adjustable tank height, Easy to disassemble for cleaning, Flexible filling nozzles for ease of filling, Gravity filler – filling will stop once the product reaches the filling head, Low cost and low maintenance, Safe to use in wet areas, Stainless steel construction