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Limitech P Series Mixers


Suitable for: Sauces and prepared foods, dressings, desserts, processed cheese, purees, smoothies
Models available: 4
Capacity: 10L to 8000L (depending on model)
Maximum Temperature: 100 deg C (when insulated)
CIP ready: P1, P2 & P4



The Limitech P Series Mixers are designed to handle a wide range of processes, giving you maximum flexibility and an all in one mixing/cooking solution

The P-series are mixers are equipped with both mixing wheel and agitator. The vessel is made with the highest attention to hygienic design and cleanability to ensure food safety and can be equipped with a
dimple jacket for cooling and heating.

P1 Mixer

The P1 is Limitech’s flagship model and one of the most versatile and efficient food mixers you will find on today’s market. It is a multifunctional mixer capable of anything from salad dressings to mashed potatoes and handles all viscosities up to 80% mayonnaise.


P2 Mixer

The P2 is a multifunctional mixer specially designed for food products with a limited viscous structure. It is perfect for high volume batches.


P3 Mixer

The P3 is a cost-effective option designed for food production where manual cleaning is preferred. It is designed for easy processing of e.g. purées and smoothies.


P4 Mixer

The P4 has similar functionality to the P1 but operates at smaller volumes. Like the P1 it is a multifunctional mixer capable of anything from salad dressings to mashed potatoes or processed cheese.


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Features & Benefits

Custom capacity options from 10L to 8000L, Fast heating, High-performance agitator, Simple HMI, Switch from heating to cooling without effort, Unique and flexible mixing system


Direct heating, Frequency inverter on mixer, Funnels (depending on model), Indirect heating, Insulation (depending on model), PLC control, Water inlet on top