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Limitech MY Mix Lab Scale Mixer


Capacity: 10L

Functions: Cooling, Direct Steam Injection, Dispersion, High Shear Mixing, Mixing, Vaccum

Applications: Sauces and Condiments, Dressings, Mayonnaise, Spreads, Desserts, Preserves, Cream Cheese

Heating: indirect or direct steam injection



The Limitech My Mix Lab Scale Mixer is ideal for new product development. The multifunctional mixer is fully scalable, so the output from the 10L lab scale mixer can be reproduced exactly in a 1000L commercial-scale mixer.


The MyMix can be fitted with different (and easily changeable) mixing tools. The mixer can handle almost any liquid to semi-liquid product – including fine emulsions with oil droplets down to 1 micron – and gentle cooking processes with particles, all in the same vessel.

The agitator system is designed to gently blend without destroying particles, and at the same time efficiently scrape the inside tank wall to ensure maximum heating and cooling transfer into the product.

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Features & Benefits

Bottom mounted high-speed mixing device, Constructed for 90% vacuum and a maximum temp of 100 deg C, PLC display, Quick change system for mixing tools, The mixer is made of stainless steel – Parts in contact with the product are AISI316 and the rest of the machine is AISI304, Top mounted efficient scraper and gentle agitator device


Light for sight glass, Mixer Wheel with Stator Ring and Knife attachment, Mixer wheel with stator ring attachment, Single or double knife attachment