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BeerMAX Reverse Osmosis De-alcoholisation System


Capacity: 10 100hL / day (dependent on model)

Membrane Technology: Reverse Osmosis 8038

Membrane Area: 60 – 120m² (dependent on model)

Operating pressure: 25-40 bar

Working temperature: 5 – 10°C

Footprint: 2400 x 1000 x 2000 mm (L x W x H)



The  BeerMax is a Reverse Osmosis De-alcoholisation System for alcohol reduction in beer, wine and cider beverages.

Batches of 10 – 100 hectoliters of beer per day can be treated, and this can be done from an existing full-strength brew. Because of its low operating temperature and tight RO membranes, the BeerMAX is excellent at removing water and alcohol while retaining the larger molecules that make up aroma and flavour.

An automated CIP cleaning cycle comes standard, so it is very easy to clean.

An ideal unit for small and medium-sized breweries.

The technology is proven and operating in Germany and the UK. RO Systems are processing a variety of beers including lagers, IPA’s, Wheat beers etc. Hazy’s and high-gravity beers can also be processed without difficulty.

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Features & Benefits

Automated Cleaning in Place, Full automation with easy to use touchscreen, Low energy consumption, Operates at low temperature to preserve taste, Reduces alcohol content to <0.5% ABV, Suitable for beer/wine/cider


Upgradeable – the BeerMAX 60 can double capacity through the addition of extra RO membranes