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ESL Aseptic Process Equipment

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We will design your ESL or UHT heat treatment plant to achieve the extended shelf-life for your product.


  • Technical design – As with any process Thermaflo are designing we spend a great deal of time listening and getting to understand the client’s needs and expectations then translate this into the technical design for their ESL / Aseptic System.
  • Raw product reception, pumping, cooling and storage – Our design will take into account things like required tanker unloading times, daily volumes, incoming raw product temperature and required total product storage.
  • Heat treatment – We will build either a direct or an indirect UHT to the required flow rate, UHT temperature, holding time and standard as outlined by the client. Typically each ESL or UHT unit is a one-off to meet the specific needs of the individual client.
  • Buffer tanks – Taking into account the site requirements, the design will include tankage to buffer the product flow prior to processing and filling.
  • Aseptic Fillers – Depending on the type of packaging and the required flow rate required we will supply and install a suitable filler.
  • Electrical control / Automation – We design and build the central control for the above plant. By doing this we take responsibility for the interface of the plant and this enables us to deliver the complete integrated solution.
  • Site installation – Thermaflo will design and install the stainless-steel pipe work for your product, CIP, steam and cooling tower water, plus compressed air lines and stainless-steel electrical conduit, all to the highest quality and to strict hygienic standards. Much like the electrical control, the pipe work design is a critical component of the integrated process system.
  • Commissioning and Training – We provide a full commissioning and training service to support the project.



Our process team are here to help!

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