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Limitech S-Series Mixers


Suitable for: Flavoured Milk, Recombined Milk Babyfood (Dairy), Ice Cream Mix, Pectin
Models available: 3
Capacity: 200 – 6000L (depending on model)
Maximum Temperature: 100 deg C (when insulated)
CIP ready: S1 & S2 Models



The Limitech S-Series Mixers are specially designed for dissolving powders in liquids fast and without lumps.


S1 Mixer

Ideal for ice cream mixes and other dairy milk processes. The mixer is equipped with a mixing wheel in the bottom where dry powder is sucked in directly via vacuum, making it possible to reach uniform powder blends within minutes.

S2 Mixer

The powders are added from the top. This rapid dissolving unit is typically used for pre-mixing as it dissolves pectin in 3 minutes and in double quantities. The mixer is equipped with a welded lid with a manway hatch making it suitable for CIP cleaning.

S3 Mixer

This mixer is typically used for pre-mixing. Suitable for production where manual cleaning is preferred. Like the S2, this mixer dissolves pectin in 3 minutes and in double quantities.

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Features & Benefits

High shear mixing, Short process time, Water inlet on top


Cooling, Direct heating, Frequency inverter on mixer, Indirect heating, Insulation