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OnDemand Basic CIP System


Tanks: 1

1” Pipe Size / 500L Tank Size: 2,500 L/h

1.5” Pipe Size / 1,000L Tank Size: 6,000 L/h

2” Pipe Size / 2,000L Tank Size: 11,000 L/h

2.5” Pipe Size / 3,000L Tank Size: 16,000 L/h

3” Pipe Size / 5,000L Tank Size: 23,000 L/h

Instrumentation and Control Panel:

  • Inline and in-tank conductivity meters
  • Flow meters
  • VSD on pumps
  • Level transmitter
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Full PCC and HMI
  • 21 step CIP program customised to site requirements
  • Automatic Solids Discharge

Construction: Cone based, insulated, Tank and Pipes made with stainless steel 316

Pumps: Stainless steel 316 sanitary design centrifugal pumps

Valves: Fully automated stainless steel 316 sanitary design valves

Electrical Supply: 380/415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz



Our OnDemand Basic CIP system is a single tank, fully automated, ’one at a time’ demand CIP solution. Best suited to sites with a single-use or small footprint requirement. The system suits single circuits with scheduled cycles.

Additional tanks can be added for potable water storage (if your site has a limited water supply) or to recover rinse water for reuse (reducing your water usage).

Additional information

Features & Benefits

Always delivers CIP at the correct temperature chemical strength and flow rate to ensure optimal plant hygiene, Auto dosing of either caustic or acid with mixing loop and inline conductivity meter, Fully automated 21 step CIP program including sanitiser dosing, Fully insulated tanks and heated on demand with a Heat Exchanger, Recovers as much CIP solution as possible


Add an additional tank for potable stored water supply, Rinse water recovery tank reduces water usage – additional tank required