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Trepko Inline Aseptic Filling Machine


Number of filler points: Dependent on customer requirements

Number of lanes: Dependent on customer requirements. The standard range comprises of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 lanes, single or double index

Maxmum output (cups/h): Dependent on the number of lanes and products being filled

Max. cup dimensions (mm): Up to 200 mm dia

Max. cup height (mm): Up to 130 mm



Trepko 100 Series inline aseptic filling machines provide tailor-made and reliable solutions for the filling and closing of pre-formed containers.

The 100 series is capable of meeting the most demanding hygiene standards.

The machines are built in a format of up to 10 lanes and are offered with double indexing systems which allow for either a fast format size change or a doubling of the machine’s output. The rigid and proven mechanical design of 100 series also enables high speeds.

The 100 series caters for the most extreme needs including; the most demanding hygiene requirements, large capacity requirements, or the complex requirements of the product itself.

As standard and as with the entire range of Trepko machines, the 100 Series is CE–marked, and is built in accordance with all applicable European safety standards.

Filling Applications: milk, cream, yoghurt, kefir, cream cheese, processed cheese, mousse, desserts, quark, cottage cheese, cottage cheese with fruit pulp, butter, margarine, jam, honey, mayonnaise, dressing, ketchup, sauces, caviar, salads, pâte, luncheon meat, lard, pet food, tvorog, quark, fromage frais, spreads, conserve, shortening.

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Features & Benefits

The 100 series is suitable for a variety of products including cups and straight-sided containers, The modular design allows for bespoke layouts, We can configure the machine to meet your exact specifications


Choose from three levels of hygiene: Standard / Ultra Clean / Aseptic, Closing Options: Foil from reel or vacuum heat-sealing, Dry fillers, Pick & place unit, Pre- and after dosing