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Filmatic Index Tub Fillers


Lanes 1 2 3
Container size 175ml – 1 000ml 175ml – 1 000ml 175ml – 500ml 6 x 75ml or

6 x 100ml

Filling Speeds


25-35 CPM 60-80 CPM 64 – 95 CPM 20-25 CPM




Filmatic Index Tubs Fillers are designed to fill cream, yogurt, desserts, cottage cheese etc.

One to Three Lane Fillers are suitable to fill tub sizes ranging from 175 ml to 1000ml, containers can be either round, square, oval rectangular or corner cup with the added function of wet or dry product dosing.

The machine fills and seals the containers on a monoblock base, manufactured entirely from grade 304 stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, custom-built and tested at our plant to suit your requirements. Capping either by means of foil lids that are fed from a magazine and put onto the cups by a pick and place system, or by means of our over capping system.

Triple Lane Index Tub Filler

Six Pack Index Filler

Six Pack Index Fillers are designed to handle six pack 6 x 75g or 6 x 100g containers.

Additional information

Features & Benefits

Can accommodate wet or dry product dosing and corner cup (excl FXV6), Monoblock base manufactured from 304 stainless steel, No container no fill – to minimise product wastage, Smooth handling of containers, Tool-less changeovers within 10 minutes, Various capping options


Capping options include: Foil heat seal – Snap cap – over cap (excl FXV6)