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Collagen & Nutraceutical Extraction Process

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Extraction processes for nutraceuticals are seeing huge growth as manufacturers look to get maximum value out of raw materials.


The demand for products like food-grade collagen is continuing to grow year-on-year.

We’ve worked with several companies in recent times developing collagen extraction processes, among others,  from sustainable sources to help meet this need.


Products Collagen, plant protein, juice extracts
Flow Rates Please contact us about your specific application
Inlet Temperature Please contact us about your specific application
Processing Temperature Please contact us about your specific application
Outlet Temperature Please contact us about your specific application

Typical Process Steps

While the specifics of each method will be different, a general process is: 

  • Pre-processing: Depending on the source being used, a colloid mill may be needed to reduce solids down to the required particle size for further processing.
  • Processing/Enzyme Step: Methods will vary, but we can provide a solution for your specific processing methods.
  • Heat treatment: Taking the source and processing method into account, we design the heat treatment specifically to achieve the correct temperature and holding time. This will also include a hot water boiler and control system.
  • Clarifying: We have a range of centrifuge options to clarify/separate unwanted solids from your product.
  • Drying: After the product has been processed and treated, we will select the best drying system to turn the product into a powder.
  • Packaging: We can supply a range of packaging machines specifically built to cater to your product requirements.


Our process team are here to help!

Please contact us on 06 777 5300 or through our contact form.