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Ice Cream Churns


Models Available: 9

Capacity: From 100L/hr – 1600L/hr

Water consumption: From 1200L/hr  – 3600L/hr

Air consumption: From 10 NLt/min – 30 NLt/min

Power requirement: 9.5kW – 36kW

Run different products simultaneously: Yes, with twin-barrel models




The RFE Ice cream Churn continuous freezer series range varies in size and power, depending on your capacity and requirements. Each machine is equipped with a self-contained freon ‘refrigeration’ unit, and is designed for easy installation and increased mobility in the factory.

The range boasts uniquely designed high-efficiency barrels that are capable of cooling an entering ice cream solution to ultra-low temperatures in a matter of seconds. As a result of this exceptionally quick ability to freeze, the machines ensure that ice molecules don’t have time to form, producing a hard, dry and luxurious end product each and every time.

As well as a hot gas defrosting system to provide accurate regulation of viscosity and automatic freeze-up protection, each RFE continuous freezer is also fitted with a powerful twin-piston pump to ensure that seeds, fruit and other particles are passed through easily without the risk of causing blockages and disruption to the business through subsequent downtime.

The RFE continuous freezer range comes in seven sizes, ranging from the RFE 300, an entry-level continuous ice cream churn, suitable for small scale production of 100- 300 litres of product per hour, all the way through to the industrial scale RFE 1600 which offers up to 1600 litres per hour.


Why Choose A RFE Continuous Freezer Ice Cream Churn

Simple to operate: Each machine in the RFE series is fitted with electromechanical controls to provide complete yet simple control throughout the freezing process.

Quick and efficient freezing: Each machine is host to an industry-unique, high-efficiency barrel to ensure a rapid freezing procedure that doesn’t allow for ice crystals to form within the product.

Powerful pumps: Powerful twin piston pumps allow for seeds and fruit pulp to pass through easily without the risk of causing blockages.

Consistent aesthetic fill design: The RFE series provides a steady and controlled output to ensure easy product management and consistent, aesthetically pleasing fill designs.

Well-engineered and highly reliable: the range has been designed and manufactured around core principles of being ‘simple, solid and dependable’, resulting in only the very best, industry-recognised, components being used to ensure each machine is of the highest quality, versatile and extremely reliable.

Chassis: The over-sized chassis’ used to construct the RFE series are built entirely out of premium stainless steel and aluminium to maximise performance and reduce vibrations and noise pollution.

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Automatic viscosity control, Bitzer compressor, CIP, Ice cream hardness indicator, Industrial pumps and gearboxes, Low power and water consumption, Overrun control, Twin piston mix and rotary output ice cream pumps where applicable, Water cooled