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Milkylab Pilot-Scale Cheese Systems

Applications: Mozzarella, Buffalo Mozzarella, Pizza Cheese, Kashkaval, Analogue Mozzarella, Processed and Spread Cheese

Model Compact Compact-50
Hourly Production 80Kg/hr




Dimensions 120x80x155 200x100x165
Weight: 320Kg 400Kg




Pilot-scale cheese system with an all-in-one stretching/moulding machine for small-scale production suitable for R&D laboratories

Both systems are suitable for processing fresh and industrial blocks of curd, buffalo curd, powders, rennet casein, starch and vegetable or animal fat


  • Built in AISI 304 stainless steel, double wall vat for the steam injection into the jacket
  • Steam is provided by an electric steam generator for the stretching phase
  • Product stretching is performed by
    • Steam injection
    • Direct into product or
    • Via the double jacket
  • The stretching vat is equipped with two bi-directional augers, with adjustable speed
  • Thermoregulator with digital display for temperature control
  • The moulding vat is equipped by two augers and one moulding roller
  • The moulding roller and the augers have adjustable speed
  • Includes HMI to control the different stretching – moulding process phases


Moulding Rollers Available:

  • Mozzarella in balls: from 1 to 200g
  • Scamorza up to 300g
  • Cylindrical or rectangular block up to 1000g
  • String cheese/spaghetti cheese
  • Conveyor for continuous cords and nodini

Additional information

Features & Benefits

Greater production yield than the traditional hot water systems, Significant energy saving with efficient steam consumption, Standardisation of moisture in the final product, Steam injection system reduces heating and stretching time