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Trepko Carousel Tub Filling Machines

Model 511 KSP 512 KSP
Lanes 1 2
Max. cup Dimensions
– round
– rectangular
– depth




Max. Output (cups/hr): 2500 5000


Applications: Multilayer products, such as desserts or yoghurts with fruit pulp/sauce and/or dry ingredients

Hygienic Options:

  • Sterile air cabin
  • Chemical sterilisation of cups/foils
  • UV radiation of cups/foils
  • CIP/SIP of the dosing system
  • CIP/SIP of the packaging area
  • Gas flush



Carousel Tub Filling Machines that offer the flexibility to create multi-layer products.


The TREPKO 500 Series is designed around a carousel principle for handling pre-formed containers and provides a medium to high-speed output.

Designed with flexibility in mind, you have a choice of several multi-fill applications with additional depositors for liquid, semi-liquid, dry products or simple hand placement areas.

The 500 Series is ideal not only for filling but also for creating sophisticated multi-layer products, especially desserts.


Additional information

Features & Benefits

CIP and SIP cleaning of both the dosing and packaging areas in addition to an ULTRACLEAN version of the machine, Fully stainless-steel construction combined with modern drive systems for smooth and reliable operation, Quick and easy changeover between different packaging sizes, Several multi-fill applications with additional depositors for liquid or dry products


Closing options are also available such as pre-cut and foil from reel or snap-on lids, Magazine buffers for cups and lids are available to aid the operator and ensure reliable production levels, ULTRACLEAN version available