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Plant Installation

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As part of the final stages of Thermaflo’s turnkey supply and plant integration, we have a full team of dedicated staff who are able to seamlessly carry out all the plant installation required for your new process equipment, into either a new greenfield site or an existing processing plant.


This includes all stainless steel pipework, electrical installation and automation to connect all plant components.

As part of the initial plant design, we take into account all current processing equipment and either work around this or slightly alter the current arrangement to increase the overall efficiency of your plant in collaboration with the new equipment.

If you already have a site standard with all PLC’s, MCC’s and HMI’s we make sure all new components meet these requirements and carry out the automation accordingly.

During installation, we also offer a remote access service to your plant, so if the plant goes down for any reason, we are able to access each system and fault find. If there is a problem with your plant that we are unable to fix via remote access, we use well known, and internationally available parts, so getting you up and running can be achieved quickly and easily by local engineers.



Our process team are here to help!

Please contact us on 06 777 5300 or through our contact form.