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Fruit Dosing Machines


Processing capability: Variable speed up to whatever flow rate your process requires

Instrumentation and Control Panel: Full PLC and HMI

Construction: Skid and framework made with stainless steel 304, pipework, chambers and balance tank made with 316 stainless steel

Pumps: Stainless steel 316 sanitary pumps

Valves: Fully automated stainless steel 316 sanitary design valves

Electrical Supply: 380/415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz




  • Fruit Dosing Machines are specifically designed to accurately dose and mix expensive fruit puree into yoghurt bases or ice cream.
  • Easy to change from one fruit blend to another, plus fully CIP able to maintain your plant in a hygienic condition.
  • This is fully automated with accurate control on blend ratios and product recipes.

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Fruit hopper or debagging table for fruit supply

Features & Benefits

Compact skid mounted and pre-wired and pre-programmed for quick installation, Fruit supplied with a volume controlled pump for highly accurate dosing to achieve minimal giveaway, HMI with recipe screens and PLC control, Included CIP booster pump for additional mechanical action mixer cleaning, Pre-commissioned and ready for quick install, Specially designed mixing flights give a thorough mix with minimal shear, Water flush program allows hygienic fruit changes mid production without CIP downtime, Yoghurt supplied with a volume controlled pump including a balance tank and flow meter