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Beer & Brewing Process

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Whether you are a small brewery or a large one, we have the expertise to help you expand your capacity or improve your efficiency.


With our many years of processing experience, we are able to offer our expertise from the design phase right through to integrating new equipment. We also have considerable expertise available through our network of partners who have worked for many years in the craft beer space.


Products All types of beer, cider, kombucha, and other brewed fermented beverages


Increasing Capacity

If you are wanting to maximise your production without increasing your plant footprint, ask us about the Frautech ArtBREW clarifier. A clarifier/centrifuge is a simple ‘plug & play’ way to increase your brewing capacity, and give you more flexibility, without adding new tanks.


Reducing your Water Use 

If you are looking to reduce the water consumption or wastewater discharge of your brewery, talk to us about consultancy options.




Our process team are here to help!

Please contact us on 06 777 5300 or through our contact form.