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Filmatic ESL Bottle Filling Machine


Bottle Volumes: 250ml – 5000ml

Filling Speed (approx): 
1000ml: 7,500 – 9000 Bottles per hour
2000ml: 4,800 – 6,000 Bottles per hour

Machine dimensions (mm): 2,450 (L) x 2,150 (W) x 4,023 (H)


Final filling speed is influenced by product characteristics, container dimensions and valve size.



Filmatic ESL Bottle Filling Machines (Extended Shelf Life) is expanding the lifespan of perishable products through packaging, without changing the taste characteristics of the freshly produced product itself.

The continuous variable flow control valve promoted non-contact, non-drop filling creating a hygienic filling environment while also minimising foaming issues. All product contact components are thoroughly cleaned by the closed-loop automated CIP system.

ESL is a great choice for those with high-value products wanting a longer shelf life, without the additional expense of aseptic technology. ESL is well suited for products such as Milk, Cream & Juice etc.

Factors to consider for ESL:

Air Management

  • Clean room = Class 100
  • Pre-filtration
  • HEPA filtration
  • Diffuser
  • Laminar vertical airflow

Cap Sterilization
Eliminate potential contamination issues from the cap.

Container Sterilization
Single or double stage rinsing using a combination of sanitizing agents available.

Auto-sanitise and CIP

  • Auto-sanitise (Surface Sterilization)
  • A multi-stage programmable system to conform to individual product requirements.
  • CIP (Clean in Place)
  • Multi-stage, two-directional systems which can be programmed to conform to individual product requirements.

Additional information

Features & Benefits

Accommodate up to three different cap sizes and formats on one machine, Quick change overs between different bottle and cap size, Save on delivery costs – No need for daily delivery with a longer product shelf life., Shelf life stability – extend the shelf life of your product without compromising on fresh flavour


Available in Level filling and Nett-Weigh options.