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Margarine & Spreads Processor

Suitable for: Margarine, low-fat spreads, dairy spreads, shortenings, puff pastry margarines, low calorie spreads, mixed fat Products, low protein spreads, low-calorie butter etc.
Flow rates: from 10 to 40 Ltr per hour (Higher available by request).
Product system pressures: to 10 bar (20 bar as an option.)
Cooling: to below -5 deg C.
Dimensions: Depends on design and number of barrels. The smallest option is 1500mm (W) x 1000mm (D) x 1750mm (H)



A continuous Margarine & Spreads Processor designed to replicate industrial scale units on a laboratory/pilot scale. Initial formulation, recipe development and screening are easily carried out.


All machines are designed to replicate full-scale production machines on a pilot scale. The design incorporates different pump options to suit the product to be processed. All product contact surfaces are of FDA approved materials. Each system has built-in CIP, so there is no need to add external feed tanks and pumps.


  • Minimum sample required.
  • Jacketed feed hopper for control of product inlet temperature.
  • Hard chrome plated barrels.
  • Single barrel + pinworker or twin barrel + pinworker.
  • Shaft speeds to 1500 rpm.
  • Speed and torque indicators.
  • Can be used for sheet margarines with resting tubes of any time.
  • Built in refrigerator or your chilled water supply.
  • Built in true CIP (Clean In Place), flow for CIP more than 500 Ltr per hour.
  • Electrically heated hot water recirculator as option for CIP heating.
  • No steam required.
  • Level sensor in hopper for easy wash out after product and CIP.
  • Computer interface with real time temperature recording.

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Features & Benefits

As standard a progressive cavity pump is used – Other options are available, Built in refrigerator or your chilled water supply, Built in true CIP – meets industry standard 1 1/2 m/second, Computer interface with real time temperature recording., Only mains water and a suitable drain required., The machine is completely mobile and can be moved from one location to another very easily., The product is cooled to the required temperature with the built in refrigerator which is PID controlled for accurate and stable temperatures


Air flow meter for aerated products such as ice cream and sorbets, Highly accurate mass flowmeter, Product system pressures to 20 bar (10 bar is standard), Touch panel control fascia with flow path of system.