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Trepko Mini Portion Machine


Machine 9003 9006
Number of Lanes (for 10g / 15g / 25g) 3 6
Maximum Output 100/minute 200/minute




Forming, Filling & Sealing machines for 10g / 15g / 25g portion of margarine, butter, jam, pastes, and other spreadable condiments.

The TREPKO 9000 Series Mini Portion Machines are available in three or six-lane, which due to the robust mechanical design are capable of an output of 6,000 to 12,000 packs per hour.


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Features & Benefits

All moving parts of solid stainless steel CNC machine, Easily adjustable to different shapes and sizes of packaging, Equipped with an  HMI touch screen panel from which all settings can be adjusted, Utilises a reel feed system to precisely form and fill the packaging.


Automatic volume adjustment, Automatic weight adjustment, Chemical sterilisation, CIP/SIP of dosers, Date marking systems, Laminar flow cabins, UV radiation of cups