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Tub Filling Machines

Tub filling machines that enable highly efficient production matched with precision while dosing.


Suitable for filling precise quantities of yoghurt, cream cheese, butter, spreads, and other highly viscous products into tubs.

The machines have the ability to fill multi-layered products in one filling cycle.


Tub Filling Rates 2500 – 14,000 Tubs Per Hour
  • Yoghurt
  • Cream cheese
  • Desserts
  • Plant-based dairy alternatives
  • Cream
  • Quark
  • Custard
  • Butter
  • Spreads
  • Condiments
  • And a wide range of other products
Filling Temperature 4 Deg C – Any
Closing types Heat seal pre cut foil, foil from reel,
Vacuum heat-sealing, snap on lid


You’ll Benefit From:

  • Accurate Dosing – Each tub fill can consistently maintain accurate weight control while dosing more than one product per cycle.
  • High Efficiency – High throughput with a quick and easy changeover between different packaging sizes ensures the best efficiency.
  • Versatility – Each filler has the ability to add in yoghurt, puree, and other ingredients producing multi-layered products in one filling cycle.
  • Wider Dosing Range – Suits a variety of cups and containers with size ranging from snack pack to bulk retail. The machine’s output depends on the volume and product viscosity and can be reached up to 14,000 tubs per hour.
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance – Each tub filling machines have extra hygienic features CIP (Clean-in-place) & SIP (System-in-place) cleaning of both the dosing and packaging areas.


Our filling & packaging team are here to help!

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See the Filmatic FXV2 Indexing Volumetric Cup Filler in action

See the Trepko 200 Series Tub Filler In Action