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Plant Hygiene & CIP

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When you’re manufacturing any kind of food or beverage for human consumption, maintaining a hygienic plant and equipment is critical.


Dairy has the second highest hygiene requirements of any process (only pharmaceutical is higher).

Our many decades of dairy process experience means we are well equipped to help you meet or exceed best practice food processing standards to ensure hygienic manufacturing conditions.


Our CIP Process and Equipment Expertise


Our process team are here to help!

Please contact us on 06 777 5300 or through our contact form.

“Talking with Thermaflo they provided us with a proposal for a fully automated CIP kitchen that was designed to ensure the correct cleaning variables of time, temperature and chemical concentration would be delivered to our new plant at the correct velocities and pressures to ensure a successful cleaning regime for the new process.

Thermaflo have done an outstanding job on the project and with the increased capacity of this CIP kitchen, we will be able to start expanding the rest of our process. We always like working with Thermaflo and will happily recommend them to others. “

Corrie den Haring

General Manager, Green Valley Dairy