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Hybrid Fillers Bottles/Cans

Microblock  Compactblock
Suitable to fill: Beer, cider, sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, kombucha, sparkling wine Beer, cider, sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, kombucha, sparkling wine
Operation Automatic Semi-Automatic
Containers Glass bottles, Aluminium cans Glass bottles, Aluminium cans
Filling Speeds Up to 1,500 containers per hour (330ml) Up to 500 containers per hour (330ml)
Filling Heads 6 4 or 6
Filling Temperature 0-2 deg C 0-2 deg C
Valve Type Electro-pneumatic counterpressure Electro-pneumatic counterpressure
Rinsing Yes – Air or water Yes – Air or water
Capping/Closing Single head capper & Single head seamer Twin head capping turret & Single head seamer
Capping Types Crown caps, ROPP, cork, seamer Crown caps, ROPP, cork, seamer



Improve your brewery’s flexibility with a hybrid filler, and rinse, fill, seam or cap bottles/cans on the same machine!

These Italian-made filling machines feature Electro-Pneumatic filling valves, with special pre-evacuation of air which allows low TPO levels.

Perfect for small to mid-sized manufacturers wanting to bottle and can; beer, wine, soft drinks, cider, kombucha and sparkling drinks.

Available in two models, the semi-automatic Compactblock hybrid filler, and the fully automatic Microblock hybrid filler.

Format changeover between bottles and cans is toolless and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.


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Features & Benefits

Bottle and can on a single machine, Format changover in 10-15 mins, Minimal DO pickup – Approx 50-80 PPB, Turret height adjustment system to accommodate different sized bottles cans