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Digital Temperature Control Systems

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We are excited to be working with Watttron, bringing their innovative thermoforming and sealing technologies to New Zealand and Australia


Through Watttron’s ‘digital pixel’ heating and control systems a new level or precision can be achieved in thermoforming and sealing in form/fill/seal packaging. The temperature of each pixel can be individually programmed and controlled, and the included sensor technology gives realtime feedback on the thermoforming/sealing operations.

Because the heating of the plastic rollstock and/or film is so precise and consistent it allows for more efficient thermoforming and sealing/welding of plastics – even plastics that are traditionally more challenging to work with – such as the more recyclable Polypropylene.

Watttron technology can also be retrofitted to almost any form/fill/seal machine – which is a huge time saver.


Watttron Cera2heat

Watttron Cera2seal

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