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Lattomatic Milk Standardiser


Model Feed Capacity (L/hr)
Lattomatic 15 15,000
Lattomatic 30 30,000
Lattomatic 50 50,000



Lattomatic is an automatic milk and cream fat standardisation system designed to obtain both precise control of the fat content in cream coming from the skimming separator as well as accurate standardisation of the fat content in milk. Lattomatic guarantees exact adjustment of the cream fat content in a range between 30% and 45% fat. The system can calculate and automatically adjust the fat content based on different parameters.

Lattomatic enables accurate dosing of cream to the skimmed milk flow and thus, continuous production of fat-standardized milk. Surplus cream is discharged separately. With its high level of automation, parameter adjustments are possible during operation without stopping the process. The touchscreen panel is user-friendly, easy to set up, and allows direct control of all operations. Signal exchange and operating modes (CIP, water, product) can be changed easily using the control system. Lattomatic can be used to upgrade milk skimming separators and be integrated into existing systems as well as new installations.

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Features & Benefits

Easy to install and operate, High level of automation


Automatic feed control for the separator, Back-pressure control pressure transmitter and automatic control valve at skimmed milk/whey line