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Pasteurised Milk

Pasteurised milk is a valuable nutritious food that requires careful handling to ensure it is safe for human consumption.


First, it must first go through a pasteurisation process to eliminate harmful bacterial pathogens that can cause disease and spoilage. Through the pasteurisation of milk we are able to extend the refrigerated shelf life of the milk for days, this, in turn, reduces the risk of foodborne illness.

Having been involved in the dairy industry for many years, we have in-depth process knowledge that will ensure your milk product meets the standards of your local authority. We develop complete turnkey solutions, from product reception, through to pasteurisation, separation, fat standardisation, homogenisation and filling of your fresh milk.


Products All types of fresh milk, low / high fat, cow, buffalo, sheep, goat
Flow Rates 150L Per Batch – 50,000L + Per Hour
Inlet Temperature 4 Deg C – Any
Processing Temperature 65 Deg C – 73 Deg C
Outlet Temperature Any – 4 Deg C


Typical Process Steps

  • Raw milk reception, pumping, cooling and storage – Our solution will take into account daily volumes, incoming raw milk temperature and required raw milk storage.
  • Pasteurisation – We will design the heat treatment plant to process your product to meet your required shelf life.
  • Separation / Standardisation – Depending on the required fat level of the finished product, a separator/fat standardisation system can be included at the heat treatment stage.
  • Homogenisation – If required, we can also include a homogeniser.
  • Buffer tanks – The design can include a tank to balance the product flow prior to filling.
  • Fillers – Depending on the type of packaging and the flow rate required, we will supply and install a suitable filler. Depending on your volume can be anywhere from a small-scale gravity filler right through to a large fully automated rotary filler capper.
  • Bottle handling – We offer a full range of bottle handling equipment, from de-bagging tables or bottle de-scramblers to conveyors, collection tables, bottle collating, case packing and palletising.

Having the expertise to design each step of your production process allows us to supply a fully integrated, high quality plant that is also energy efficient. We often design processes that have the ability to expand capacity and to add in other products as your company and product range develop.




Our process team are here to help!

Please contact us on 06 777 5300 or through our contact form.

“Over the past 12 months Thermaflo have designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned a 10 tonne per hour HTST pasteuriser including a separator, fat standardiser and homogeniser.

Included in their supply was a new automated mix room and automated pasteurised milk silo feed/filler feed

We find Thermaflo great to deal with and have very open and honest communication with them.”

Corrie den Haring

General Manager, Green Valley Dairy