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Yoghurt Production

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Whether you are looking for a traditional pot set or stirred yoghurt, or kefir, we will supply the equipment and technical design needed for your product.


Products Pot set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, etc
Batch Size 150L Per Batch – 10,000L Per Batch
Yoghurt Milk Mix Temperature 4 Deg C – 25 Deg C (approx)
Protein Denature Temperature 80 Deg C – 95 Deg C (approx)
Outlet Temperature 25 Deg C – 45 Deg C (approx)



Blend & Mix Tanks – 

Pasteurisers – We design and manufacture both HTST and Batch pasteurisers to suit your yoghurt volumes and temperature profiles.

Incubation –   Fully designed and integrated incubation tanks to make your particular stirred yoghurt.

Fruit Dosers – Our Fruit dosing machines are specifically designed to accurately dose and mix expensive fruit puree into viscose yoghurt bases.

Electrical Control – We design and build the central control for the above equipment: by doing this we take responsibility for the interface of the plant and this enables us to deliver the complete integrated solution.


Our process team are here to help!

Please contact us on 06 777 5300 or through our contact form.

“…Through a competitive process, we settled on employing Thermaflo to deliver the design and plant.  Thermaflo are well known to us as they have successfully delivered many projects to The Collective since 2008.

…The result is a truly great project, delivered on time, to budget and to our expectations, to date this is the best project that Thermaflo have delivered to Epicurean and this was achieved in tough circumstances due to Covid 19.

We are very happy with the plant and our senior management are delighted with the product it makes as such I have no hesitation to highly recommend Thermaflo’s skills to everyone.”

Clint Van Der Mescht

Engineering Manager, Epicurean Dairy / The Collective