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Filmatic Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine


Suitable to Fill Bottles: 250ml – 5000ml

Bottle filling rates: 190 to 2,300 bottles per hour (depending on bottle volume)

Filling Methods: Level Filling, Time filling

Suitable for Filling: Non – viscous products such as water, milk, juice, ice tea, plant-based milk etc.



Filmatic Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machines

For startups or small processors, a semi automatic bottle filling machine is an ideal upgrade from manual filling by hand. Moving to a semi-automatic machine offers:

  • Time/labour savings, so you can spend more time on production and/or sales and marketing
  • A consistent fill each time, so there’s no worry of under/over filling.







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Features & Benefits

Level fill accuracy can be adjusted manually and set once to achieve the same results every time, The fillers are adjustable to fill bottles from 250 ml to 5 litres, The fillers have very few moving parts which means minimal maintenance, The Filling levels in each bottle can also be changed by inserting or removing spacers on the valves


These semi-automatic bottle fillers can also be fitted with a piston pump filling system – Semi-viscous liquid such as edible oil fills fast and accurately with piston pumps