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Milk Separator


Model Feed Capacity (L/hr) Motor (Kw)
CA 21-P 3,500 4
CA 31-P 5,000 5.5
CA 41-P 7,500 7.5
CA 71-P* 15,000 15
CA 91-P* 20,000 18.5
CA 151-P 30,000 30
CA 201-P* 40,000 37
CA 301-P* 60,000 45

Feed pressure: 1 bar
Discharge pressure: up to 4 bar
Operating water: < 100 l/h under normal working conditions
Product connections: DIN 11851 – SMS – CLAMP

* available also with 3A certification




A milk separator (also called a clarifier) is a very important step in milk processing when aiming for high-quality dairy products. The purpose of milk clarification is to improve the milk quality by removing solid impurities such as dirt particles, somatic cells, and bacteria.


How the Frautech Milk Separator Works:

  • The milk/whey is fed under pressure through an enclosed pipe.
  • It then flows smoothly into the bowl through the feed pipe and the distributor.
  • With the action of the centrifugal force, the solids are forced towards the periphery of the bowl and accumulate in the solids acceleration zone.
  • The clarified milk/whey rises through the disc stack up to the centripetal pump that discharges it through an enclosed pipe.
  • Accumulated solids are automatically discharged at pre-set intervals.

Additional information

Features & Benefits

Built-in manual back-pressure control and manual valve for milk fat standardization in cream separators, Efficient lubrication to guarantee optimum working conditions and a long bearing life, High-grade finish on all surfaces for optimum cleanability, Optimised motor control for a gentle start with rapid speed recovery after discharge and low energy consumption, Self-cleaning separators that can be upgraded with an automatic CIP system, Set of basic spare parts, Sight glass and alarm switch for lubricating oil level, Solenoid valves for operating the bowl’s hydraulic system, Speed sensor, Stainless steel-clad base frame, State-of-the-art PLC and HMI system, Time controlled ejection of solids allowing for accurate discharge adjustment, Vibration sensor


Automatic back-pressure control, Flow-rate indicator, Manual valve for feed regulation, Operating water feed unit