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Positive Displacement Pumps


Standard flow rate: from 180 to 3000 gph
Standard pressure range from: 600 to 3000 psi
Standard electric motors from: 3 to 75 kW

CIP ready
Suitable for treatment of low and high viscosity products.



Positive Displacement Pumps are used in processes where very high pressure is required e.g. evaporated milk prior to spray drying, or a high viscosity product, such as tomato paste.

The compression head is manufactured from a single block of high quality, special type, ultrasounds checked stainless steel, with a 5 year guarantee against cracks and defects.

Valve assembly housed within an individually inspectable AISI 316 stainless steel block

Pumping Pistons manufactured with a rear cooling chamber, a double guide to keep a perfect alignment, and a special “Diamond-Like Carbon” plating as a standard

Valve group assemblies have replaceable seats and hemispherical valve shutters, ideal for processing a variety of products

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Features & Benefits

3A sanitary certification, Pistons are made in AISI 316 chromed steel with a “Diamond Like Carbon” coating., Standard flow rate from 180 to 3000 gph, The compression head has a 5 year guarantee against cracks and defects


Aseptic Version with “sterility barriers” traced with steam condensate created by a built-in system, Available in abrasive and non-abrasive configurations, Built-in control system, Inlet pressure gauge with alarm contact, Pulsation dampeners on product inlet connection