Tub Filling Machines

Tub Filling Rates

2500 - 14,000 Tubs Per Hour

Products Yoghurt, cream cheese, desserts,
cream, quark, custard, butter,
spreads, condiments, and a wide
range of other products
Filling Temperature 4 Deg C - Any
Closing types Heat seal pre cut foil, foil from reel,
Vacuum heat-sealing, snap on lid


Tub Filling SystemDepending on your product specification, Thermaflo are able to spec a tub filling system that meets your individual requirements. Thermaflo will have a look at your required tub size, the output you require and the viscosity of your product in order to provide a solution that would be fit for purpose.

Each tub fill that we offer at Thermaflo is of the highest quality and can consistently maintain accurate weight control while dosing more than one product per cycle. Having the ability to add in yoghurt, puree, and other ingredients in one filling cycle provides the operator with the versatility required to produce multiple top quality products through the one filler.

For more information about how Thermaflo can assist you with finding a tub filler that would be fit for purpose go to our contact page and leave a message or give us a call.