Ice Cream Mix Plant

To produce a high quality ice cream mix, it’s vitally important that the mix process is designed correctly. Thermaflo have a wealth of experience with ice cream mix plant design and fabrication with many of our clients winning top awards for their product.  Whether you require a boutique batch process or a larger scale inline ice cream mix plant, we will design the process to your requirements.

Depending on what ingredients you are putting in to your mix, the amount of sugar, gums, additional cream, all effects the pasteurisation, homogenisation and storage processes. By understanding what ingredients you are incorporating into your mix, Thermaflo use their expertise to ensure that the design is optimal to create your ice cream mix.

Following on from the pasteurisation and homogenisation of your ice cream mix, Thermaflo engineers then integrate the required aging vats with you process. We are able to build custom tanks that are designed specifically for your process and plant layout to best utilise the space that is available.

Thermaflo offer a complete range of ice cream mix preparation equipment, from small boutique processes all the way through to large commercial scale equipment. It is this flexibility that insures you get a mix plant that is fit for purpose, will allow you to produce a top quality product and will assist your company as it continues to grow while production levels increase. We also supply batch and continuous freezer churns as well as ice cream fillers to provide you a complete line.

For additional information on the ice cream mix plants that Thermaflo are able to provide go to our contact us page to leave a message or give us a call.